Better quality replacement for PEERLESS Tymphany 830669 woofers


I noticed that new Peerless woofers made by Tymphany in India are not of the same quality as the originals made in Denmark.

Any recommendations such as Scanspeak, Vifa, Focal, Eton, etc?

Specs seen to indicate it is a sealed box drive, and most of the line up above that, is designed for ported boxes.

The peerless drivers are quite good. Well made for the money.

Matching a new driver, in a three way, is a near impossible task. Don't bother unless you want to redesign the crossover, and learn that task from the ground up and over a decade or two...

If it involves a subwoofer application, then matching the sub driver alone is a great hassle and near impossible.

It will be possible to observe a difference, though, if you replace the given driver in the given system. beyond that, it’s all speculation.

Basically, whatever the application is an in-situ integrated system, put together by experts. It needs to remain as such, in order to not compromise it’s performance.

By all means...go ahead and play if you want - learn about crossovers, and box design, etc. :)

With the caveat that you are dealing with an integrated system ...and messing with just a driver swap all on it’s own is usually (very high odds) a downgrade of a sort.
Sorry, but I should have been more clear. I need replacement drivers for the Gradient SW-63 dipole subwoofers for QUAD ESL-63 electrostatics. Gradient used a pair of Peerless 831812 drivers per enclosure. The possible replacements - 831857 and 830500 - are no longer available, they are discontinued.

I am looking for affordable 12" drivers for dipole subwoofers.