better quality "Y" adapter needed

the last link in the chain -- the interconnects replaced everthing except the "y" connectors on my adcom 5500's which now have a kimbercable hero interconnect from the linestage. I think it is monster y on there now. What are some other options? thanks. JonJacques
I don't know where to get them, but my local stereo shop lent me a y-connector that was a gold plated solid block y-connector (no wires involved). It worked very well for doing an A-B comparison when auditioning interconnects. It allowed me to run two different cables from my CD player into my preamp, and then I could listen to each cable by switching the inputs at the preamp.

Someone else here can probably recommend a source.

"Quest For Sound" has a phoenix gold adaptor that is a piece of metal rather than a cable that should suit your purpose. The guy I talked to at Quest for Sound is very nice and is listed under dealers at Audiogon.
Monster makes an inexpensive "T" available at Jerry Raskins sells a similar product at A number of high end cable manufacturers will make you a custom "Y" at higher prices, and you have to wait for them to do it. I got a pair of Golden Cross "Y's" from Cardas for $150 each. Good luck.
Radio Shack has a gold plated solid (no wires) connector. It works very well and is not very expensive.
I believe Purist Audio makes very high quality adapters sch as this
We make a solid gold 24k wire Y connector for 125.00 each...

LAT international has them for $16. each I think
I used to sell Kimber Kable, and I had Kimber build custom PBJ "Y" cables for the store. If you like the Hero interconnect, perhaps Kimber would build you exactly what you need. They might even be able to build you a custom "Y" cable like a bi-wire interconnect eliminating the intermediate connectors. Just let them know what you are doing and the equipment that you are using. I am sure they can help out.

Another option would be to use a "T" adapter. This is basically gold plated male rca connector with a one straight and one right angle rca female connection. There are a number of cable manufactures that sell them.