better quality control w/ Ortofon turbo carts?

Just got my new rega RP6 setup professionally last weekend. I got a new Ortofon MC-3 turbo put on (3rd one for me, 2 on my previous Pro-ject Xpression III). Unfortunately, I was told there was a price increase of approx $65, but after he put it on and set it up, he said this was one of the best MC-3 turbos he has ever heard. Maybe I got one of the ones on the highest quality percentage range? Hopefully, they stepped up quality in the making or inspecting them so everyone can experience the same sound I am. Other components I am using include the rega white belt, a double-sided suede mat and, of course, the rega TTPSU that came with the table. Rest of my system is listed on my system page.