Better Quality computer speakers

Would appreciate feedback on these and any other good quality speaker for use in the office environment. So far I've been reading up on the Audio Engine and have managed to get a brief audition of the Bose Computer MusicMonitor.
Hi, if I had to upgrade desktop-speakers today, I'd go for these (causing a wave of excitement over here)
check out axiom audio, they just came out with a pair of computer speakers this year.
NHT M00 and S00 are worth checking out.
I don't know if you have any size constraints or not? Or if you need the speakers to be portable? But i see you use ATC active speakers. I am using Mackie HR824's at my computer and they sound fantastic. They are also active and have a separate amp for each driver. There is also the HR624 which has the 6" woofer and i am sure that sounds fantastic as well. I saw a very nice pair of HR824's for sale on ebay for around $600 just the other day. Definitely worth a check out for very high quality near field listening i feel.

I purchased the Audioengine A5's and couldn't be happier.
You just missed these Eminent Technology LFT-11's.
I using the Audioengine A2 and it is much better than anything from Bose. Problem is it is only for music. If you are a gamer and you need 5.1, then you have to look elsewhere. Another thing to take note is I am using a headphone amp to drive the A2.