Better Quality Amp with Similar Sonics to Jolida ?

After a few incidents involving expensive shipping fees for minor repairs, I've just about had it with the so-so build quality of the Jolida 302. What's the suggested path for replacing this unit without having to completely start over from square one in terms of system synergy... or am I deluding myself? Other components are: Jolida CD player, Silverline SR 17.5 monitors and Audioart wire. Stillpoints under CDP and Ednsound Bearpaws under amp. Open to SS ideas as well as tubes. I listen mostly to acoustic Jazz and NewGrass, with some 60s/70s rock. Is there anything SS that's on the warm side, sonically, or a tube unit with better build-quality in the $ 2000 range (used OK) that comes to mind ????
I'm not sure about the 302, but a Conrad Johnson will sound like a more refined version of the 502. The CAV-50 integrated, or the MV-55 power amp will have a similar classic sound.
Thanks for your help, Hifihvn. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was actually wrong in my initial diagnosis of problems and that Jolida 302 was NOT to blame!!!!!!!