Better Power Cord for my Threshold Forte?

My Threshold Forte Model 3 (solid state, 200 wpc @ 8 ohms) has a power cord that looks like it could have come from a lamp. It also has only a 2-prong plug, wheras my other equipment (Arcam CD, Parasound P/LD 1100 preamp) have beefy cords with 3-prong plugs. Should I upgrade the power cord to my amp? If so, any recommendations which cord to use & who might install it for me? Many thanks.
suggest MAC powercables...inexpensive and make a big improvement.
offers a unique item,
"Clearview Double Helix Power Cord Kit" that you splice onto your chopped short (by brave you) existing pigtail of a permanently attached power cord.
You can call or email the company to find out the real world results of this idea which lets a bit of the original puny vintage cord remain.
I use their power cords and power strips, but never had the courage to chop short a built in AC cord, although none of my permanently attached cords are as rudimentary or needy as what you describe.
Is there a way for me (modestly skilled) to attach either the MAC powercable or the Clearview Helix at the solder points inside the amp, as opposed to splicing the new cord onto a pigtail? Should I have a pro do this?? Thanks again.
Just use an adapter. it plugs into the stock cord, and has the IEC connection on the other end.

Many places offer them... VA Audio for example, or Google for IEC adapters. Online power, I think supplies these too, singles and doubles. I've used and have both the VA Audio adapter, ($15) AND THE oNLINE ONES ($3 - $6), THE DIFF IS SO SMALL IF ANY, i BOUGHT SEVERAL MORE OF THE CHEAPER ONES TO KEEP AROUND FOR BURNING IN POWER CABLES OR TO USE WITH GBETTER POWER CABLES ON NON MIGRATORY CORDS... EX. CABLE BOX, cd CAROSEL, tv... ETC.

If used solely to CONVERT, say from a 20A IEC TO a 15A IEC, or vice versa, Voodoo Cable offers some fine ones right here on the 'gone.
FYI, sounds like you no longer have the OEM / stock power cord that was shipped with the amp.

I've owned two pairs of the Forte 4's and they all had 3 prong AC cords, some hardwired some IEC plugs.

If the unit you have is only a 2 prong AC cord ... STOP USING IT... and verify that it is correctly wired (hot/neutral + ground?). Apparently someone has altered the amp and it may no longer be safe to use in your home.

AC line voltages are lethal when mis-wired. ---WTTW---
Get the red one , red ones always sound more open on top. For blacker blacks obviously plug a black one.
Electrostatic: You may be right, but it certainly looks "stock" and unaltered. I am going to replace the cord with one of Signal Cable's "MagicPower" cord. Frank at Signal Cable was very helpful, and has installed these cords on Forte 3 before. Many thanks!