Better power cord for Bryston

I don't have an aftermarket power cord for my 4BSST. I have considered several, but never pulled the trigger. I love my Audience power cord, but was told a syn. res. master coupler would be better for the amp. Opinions?
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I owned a 4B SST and a 14B SST. In my experience with aftermarket power cords, none made any significant difference with the Bryston amps. Save your money and re-allocate it to other areas of your system.

Tvad is correct. I have a 4Bst - Changes are in your imagination. If you want it to sound better it will.

Have a friend change in/out without your knowledge - you won't know when it's in or out. Don't buy into the BS. Save $ and spend on something that counts.
I just bought a 4B ST and it sounds just superb w/the stock PC. I bought some used Blue Circle power cords, model 61 and 62, and it made a huge improvement w/the Bryston BP-25 Pre-amp. (The smaller 14ga. used w/the pre.) The larger guage BC 62 I'm using on a B&K ST 1200 which made a huge improvement as well.) I'm tempted to try this cord on the 4B-ST, but honestly, the amp sounds so good I highly doubt it will make that much of a difference. If it does, I'll be late alot more often for work! Anyway, I'm very impressed my these two cords.
If you look through Bryston's website, they don't recommend aftermarket cords for their product, since they designed it, they should know.
If you check the reviews of the 14BSST on the Bryston site you will find that the review sample sent to AIG(?)had a Sunfire pc. I have used Transparent pcs with a 4BST and 14BST and found significant sonic improvements.
I know it's a totally different animal than your 4BSST, but I replaced the stock cord on my B60 with a modest Signal Cable pc. An already quiet amp got quieter and there was a slight increase in dynamics. An upgrade that was definately worth the money.
Stay with the stock cord. Nothing to be gained from snake oil fantasy's.
If you need proof, have a friend swap cords without telling you - as in blind testing - you'll never tell.
The reason so many are afraid of bliond testing is that they'll realize they haven't got a clue.
I usually agree with the snake oil warnings, too - unless there is a real logical/scientific reason that a product should make a difference. There is an excellent, priced-within-reach power cord that might actually add performance - the Granite Audio 560. It has Double Toroid EMI & RFI Filters (one at each end), is hand built in the U.S., and is shipped already 80% burned-in (so no lame excuses for it's out of the box performance.)

Granite gives you a 30 day no questions asked in-home trial. If there's no audible improvement, you can return it (less shipping and credit card fees, if any).

Here's a reasonably objective review:

or the Granite Audio description:

I'm not affiliated in any way. I have bought one of their Preamps and and one of their power cords here on Audiogon (by posting a Wanted ad and being patient) and think they make great products.
Despite the naysayers and even Bryston's recommendations, an aftermarket power cord can make a big diffeence in what you hear. I've tried several - Harmonic Tech, DiMarzio, Silver Audio - but have found the best for my 4BST to be the Analysis Plus Power Oval which gives the 4BST greater dynamics. It is an audible and positive difference.
It's worth a try to see if you hear a difference that you like.
I own 3B SST and I talked to Bryston about this...

It's not that they are saying that using their stock PC is the best.

What they say is that you are not going to gain much by spending $$$ on PC. They say, any good 14AWG with IEC will do good.

I lost my stock PC, so I'm in search of a 'good 14AWG(or better) with IEC' PC...

I'll probably search my email and post it here.
I'm in search of a 'good 14AWG(or better) with IEC'
Volex 17604...$6...from or the Absolute Power Cord...$50...from GTT Audio.
Check them links, Mr. Tvad. They led me down a deep, dark abyss of audio nowheredom.
Golly, you're right Boa2. They checked out fine when I previewed the post.

Here they are again:
Volex power cords and Absolute Power Cord
BTW, I never claimed to be of the opinion that power cords have no affect on all equipment, but I am of the opinion that they had no appreciable influence on my Bryston amps. The same thing applies to my First Sound Presence Deluxe II power cord has ever made a significant improvement over the First Sound's stock power cord. I believe this has much to do with the quality of the First Sound's external power supply and massive capacitors providing over 180,000 mfd of capacitance.
I've tried several inexpensive (New $350.00 or less) PC's on my 4BSST. There are differences, especially in the lower octaves. Virtual Dynamics Power One is my favorite. Direct from Amp to wall. Used about $100.00 or so.
IMO unless you buy a pc like opalchip suggested your spending just to be spending,if you want to see if a better pc will do anything just go to best buy & buy the biggest peice of shit pc they have for under $5 & try it against your stock pc before you buy anything aftermarket.

save your cash to buy gear with not snake oil.