Better interconnects than Paragon within $800?

The 50% price Pure Note Paragon enh. of $400 looks attractive to me. However I don't know whether it's the best choice in this price range. Are there other interconnects (both brand new and used) better choice than Paragon enh. in this price or maybe up to $800. I prefer smooth, transparant, full and liquid sound with good sound stage.

Pursang S, SQ88, Venuestas, etc.
I have a pair of Ridge Street Audio Poeima!!! in my system now that you may want to look into. Not the typical silver sonic signature. Very clean and smooth. These are 40% off list price right now and come with a 30 day trial. A couple of other cables I'm going to try are the Oritek X-2 (copper) at $650 for 1m and Brian Kyle's Xtreme cables that are using multiple types of metal.
Paragon is hard to beat. I am happy with mine. See the thread below comparing them to Siltech G6 (thousands of dollars).
There isn't a single best choice in any price range. It all comes down to how the cables work in the context of your system, your room and your taste. I have not heard the Pure Note Paragons but I can recommend Stealth, VH Audio, and TG Audio (the interconnects and speaker cables are temporarily out of production but will be available again).
The new PSAudio XStream Resolutions, both copper and silver, got a rave review from Jerry Siegal at 1M pairs are $180 and $350.
"...smooth, transparent, full and liquid with good soundstage..." You just reviewed the Paragons and don't even know it. Good job.