Better Integrated Amp?

Hi, I'm looking at my first set up and have been advised by people on this website to get an integrated amp (including phono stage). I'm looking at the Quad Vena 2 which I would have to get second hand due to cost, and the Denon PMA-800NE which I could buy new whilst still being the cheaper option. I'm open to other suggestions to just wanted to get your thoughts on which amp I should go for or if I should look at some others too.
At that budget, I am going to suggest Vintage Receiver with Vintage Speakers (or used newer speakers) to start, and upgrade in the future.

Vintage Receiver will give you several inputs, volume and balance, and MM phono built in. I also suggest getting one with ’loudness’ built in IF you listen at low volume at times. Get one with preamp out, or a tape loop, so you have the option of going out to self powered sub and back into receiver for mains.

Speakers: Vintage or Newer Used have two advantages:

1. less cost
2. buy local pickup and listen at sellers before committing, and get right to return

Speaker Type:

1. Efficient. Start trying to find higher sensitivity higher ___ db/1 watt/ 1 meter for a few reasons.

a. they need less power, saves money now and future upgrades
b. less needed power = smaller amp, lighter, less heat, greater flexibility of location
c. when you try tubes, higher efficiency speakers will keep you in the category of less watts per channel, thus more affordable, smaller, lighter, less heat, flexibility of location

2. Avoid ports, if port, front facing, to avoid muddy reflections from sides, rear surfaces.

3. remember idea of out to self powered sub then sub to amp (or back to receiver) then to main speakers, gives advantages to both amp (or receiver) and advantages to main speakers.

4. IF trying 3 above, I recommend a pair of self-powered subs, front firing, adjacent to mains, to preserve stereo location of bass player. Bass fundamentals and the related overtones give directionality.
IF you can find Speakers, local pick up, and can listen at seller’s, and get right to return, you will know condition, sound quality, and option of easy return without packaging/shipping.
You have been given some excellent advise and choices above. I second the Yamaha options as well rounded and full featured integrated amps. The Rega Brio is minimalist but sounds great and has a better phono section. Cambridge CXA series is nice as well. Marantz has some nice sounding amps in that price range and are very well reviewed. My experience has been they have a "mellower" sound than the others mentioned. They mate very well with, let's say a pair of Klipsch. Speaker matching will be important....Have fun!
I'm with elliottbnewcombjr. Vintage (well maintained) will give you the most bang for the buck (or pound). Back when power was rated @RMS, this was a more honest, realistic rating. Older Marantz, Sansui, Sony and Pioneer receivers shouldn't disappoint, with most having built-in phono stage. For whatever reason I never see older JBL speakers mentioned. They excel for listening to rock/metal type music. Highly efficient and easy to push. When ready to upgrade, they should maintain resale value or you can hold on to for a secondary system. So many options, so little time...