better for under $1K MM or MC?

opinions and suggestions please on this issue. Here are the cartridges I am considering:
Goldring GL Benze Micro Ace
Clearaudio Beta II Dynavector 10x5
Clearaudio Beta S Dyanvector 20x
Nagaoka MP300 Shelter 301 II
Goldring 2500 Shelter 501 II
Roskan chorus Sumiko Blackbird
Sumiko Blue point
Benz H2
You might notice that there are no Grado, Ortofon, Denon or Audiotechnica, Shure, etc. I have not liked these in the past, so I am not considering them. I have a Goldring 1042 now, but am getting pretty bad resonance, it may be a bad match. I have also liked the Grace F9E ruby and the Dynavector and Sumiko higher end when I have heard them.
Turntable is a Pro-ject RM 5 SE with conical carbon fiber arm, also a speed box, the phono preamp is the Tubebox SE II.
hate to say this, but the AT150 mm tops all but the clearaudio....i haven't heard those.
Please be more specific, I have found At cartridges to track poorly, and be pretty strident. The Imaging is good, and theydo bass pretty well when they track...just my opinion.
imagine a decca gold or music man at a third of the price....lots of midrange detail, solid bass, and sweet highs....great front to back and side to side soundstage. i currently have a lyra dorian and decca maroon as well as others but the at150 which can be bought way under its list price, outplays the much pricier stuff i have mc or mm. no tracking problems with any.