Better el84 pp monoblock avalon or vtl tt?

which el84 monoblock has the better sound?

Does the auto bias preent a handicap?
Hi Mitch. Interesting question and I will surely be monitoring your thread. The VTL TT's are one of the best sounding amplifiers I have ever heard when given the appropriate speaker to drive.I haven't heard the Audio Valve. To be candid, I have never heard an el-84 based amplifier that I didn't enjoy regardless of whether vintage or modern. I would love to hear a 75 watt amplifier amplifier designed around the el-84 output tube. Are there any other high powered amplifiers out there based on the EL84/6bq5 family of pentodes?
Overall, the Avalon are better. The AVs are of a higher build quality, and sonically superior. The AVs are one of the most overlooked products in the high-end.