Better CD Sound: The Search

Went Big into Vinyl last 2 years, then re-discovered my many CD’s, mixing it up plenty now.

I continue to try and find a CD Player with better sound than my existing cheapo Sony Changer that surprisingly keeps on keeping on.

I am hoping recent upgrades to the system will more readily reveal differences:

99.9999 copper speaker wires and interconnects, locking rca connectors, mx110z tube tuner/preamp overhaul by Audio Classics; cayin a88t bias by VAS; 16 ohm L-Pads replacing 8 ohm pots; and finally a I bought a sound meter to balance/refine the speaker’s L-Pads (it ain’t easy) for the best sound ever.

CD Quest So Far:

I want dual processors, go used to keep cost down, even consider older vintage.

1. my Onkyo Grand Integra (DX-7500 I think), fixed the damn drawer opening problem several times.

2. This cheapo Sony Changer given to me, eh, use if for parties, why not.
surprisingly sounded as good as the Onkyo to me and friends, gave the annoying Onkyo away.

3. tried used Oppo 83 Video Player for it’s audio

Laser was weak, ’no disc’, found it is a common problem with heavily used lasers. Back it went

4. lightly used Oppo 105. Everything worked, but didn’t sound better than the Sony. Oppo is big, single, expensive, not sellers fault, so I sold it myself rather than return it, lost $205. on that attempt.

5. ’new original stock’ KLH (made by?). played a few discs, then the discs started mis-tracking on discs I know are ok.

found small black bits clinging to the surface in the area of the problems (cds play from the inside out, just guess how far out). Turned out, the belt(s) were dried out, thus when put into motion after years of storage (where?), they shed bits of rubber. Back it went, full refund including return shipping. never compared it to the Sony’s sound

6. Resolved: if vintage, make sure belts are available, get a low price, open it up when it arrives, watch it move ... use, replace belts, return as last choice.

7. Just Bought Two, in transit, One Single; One 6 Disc Changer. (both with oem remotes and power cords, most for sale are missing).

a. Denon DVD-2910 Single Player (big dent on the top. $52. del’d, eBay) (crutchfield keeps old info on their site)

b. Onkyo Integra CDC-3.4 six disc changer (open box/demo) ($51. delivered) (

c. a bag of belts. because I will be keeping something, and I have other old stuff with belts

d. spare rare OEM remote for Integra 3.4, eBay

Keeping My Ears Crossed!

Sorry you sold the 105. Yes with the oem power supply it is merely ok, but aftermarket linear power modules are readily available on ebay @ ~ $250 (also recommend the replacement IEC and jumper to bypass the 110/220 switch), both are fairly simple DIY PNP. It took my 105 to a much higher level of enjoyment, though I only use it for SACDs and DVD-As. I left the cover off and use a el cheapo air con filter on the top

I have an Audiolab 8200CD and I like it.
But not sure this model level is available anymore.

It is best described as a dedicated DAC with a transport attached to it. It has 32-bit dual differential DACS and a pure class A analogue stage. You can choose different playback contours as well. You can also play back with the display lighting off. If the transport goes down, I can use it as a dedicated DAC.

It takes a little longer to spool up as it takes a few seconds to commit some of the music to a buffer. So it will play some CDs that my old Sony wouldn’t.

I can connect a laptop or thumb drive to it.
And it’s been reliable for some time now...I think I bought it in 2011.
Charles I agree the R2s- Transport with a newly developed mechanism by the original developer of the Philips CD drives and mechanisms will not turn your transport or player into a door stop anytime soon .
Jays Audio a heavy weight contender of today’s CD transports have bought up scores of remaining obsolete Phillips CD drives and lasers for their own production .
Chatting with CD transport die hards that settled with the Jays Audio CDT 3 tell me it lays waste performance wise to pretty much any yesterday player and transports.
PS Audios new PerfectWave at 6K that would be interesting to compare ,
The Jays Audio CDT3 CD transport at $2,700.00 with recommendations of purchasing a replacement drive and laser for possible failure down the road and then the Project Audio RS2 T transport with after market LTS power supply at $3,700.00 including transport with sound quality performance and the reliability of a completely newly designed CD mechanism from an industry leader in developing drives and mechanisms found in most players and transports that were ever built .
I think most anyone would be genuinely surprised at the sound quality one can achieve with this transport with a starter high performing dac at $ 2600.00 such as the one I listened to over the weekend, the Musician Aquarius R2R dac .

I have read PS Audio's price reduction/sale at $3,999 on the PST (PerfectWave SACD Transport) has been extended past the end of this month to the end of the year.
I am never going to stream, not against it, just prefer hands on content
@elliottbnewcombjr — Hey Elliott, I think I’m the one who clued you into the whole wonderful HT Bypass thing and I think you found that to be a bit of an epiphany, so I’m gonna throw you another one here if you trust me. If you think the HT Bypass trick was beneficial, then streaming music is that on steroids. Why??? Not so much for the convenience, but more for the WHOLE WORLD of music you now can play at your fingertips. You’re no longer limited to what discs you have, you literally have access to most of the music IN THE WORLD, and a LOT of it is in hi-res, which will likely surpass your enjoyment over getting up off your arse to change the silver disc. I spend about 17 bucks a month on my Qobuz subscription and it’s the happiest money I spend every month. PLEASE, don’t close yourself off to streaming. Honestly, it’s the biggest upgrade I’ve ever made because I’m enjoying listening to new music now more than I ever enjoyed listening to my own stuff. I fact, I never spin discs anymore because I can find 90%of them on Qobuz, and many of them are available on hi-res,which I don’t have on disc. Fact: I’m having more fun listening to and discovering new music more now than I ever have before. Hey my friend, don’t close yourself out to streaming — could be the best upgrade you ever make.