Any opinions on Better's cables? Anybody has had a chance to compare them with the "namebrands". And is there a level of sophistication in the cable making process, where an ordinary human ear simply will not be able to tell the difference, only your wallet would? i.e the return on the mucho $$$$$ spent on cables, diminishes rapidly beyond a certain level. Thanks.
I am using several products from a pair of 4-meter audio IC's (for LFE) from the preamp to the two subwoofers; a digital co-ax from the DVD/CD player to the preamp; and a set of component video cables from the DVD player to the TV. The build quality and performance on all of these cables is first-rate. I cannot, however, comment on BetterCable's IC's when used for "pure" audio applications. Given the very reasonable prices for BetterCable's products, and the commendable performance of the cables I am using, I recommend you give BetterCables a try. (If you want a general idea of the equipment I own and the other cables I am using, see the description of my system in "Virtual Systems" -- it's listed under the title "High resolution audio / HT system".)
I use Harmonic Tech cables through-out my system. I love them.

If you want to believe the hype of advertising. Goto their web site.
I've used them in a few video applications. They are first rate and favorable compete with cables costing 4 times as much. The build quality is excellent, the performance is superb. I have not used any of their audio cables.
Every cable I have is (except for the power cords). The Silver Serpent S-Video is truly striking (I A/B'ed the regular with the Silver and it was a huge improvement). Far better than _any_ other cable I've seen. I use the ICs (non Silver Serpent) and the speaker wire too. They definitely need break in time and mine keep getting better. I directly compared BetterCables to my buddies Monster Cables (at the same cost) and we both agreed BetterCables were far superior. You're not going to find a better quality/value deal out there. I'm already planning a TOSLink, Digital Coax, and Subwoofer cable purchase. Also, Brad Marcus is one of the friendliest and most helpful people you'll ever meet.
I have their component video cable in my system, looks good but have never compared it to any others. It appears to be three color coded Canare cables in a common braid (at least the terminations look just like the ones on my Canare digiflex 1). Price was good. I will say that their customer service and build quality are first rate.
Thank you all for the friendly advise. Brad is indeed very helpful.
Their video/digital cables are just fine. I use them in my home theater with good results. I used to use more expensive Monster or MIT video/digital cables, but the BetterCables are a better deal. I don't use their audio cables.
I have used for 17 years. I started with their IC's. Started with RCA, and moved to the XLR. I liked both over generic cables. I tried their blue truth ( silver clad copper) speaker cables. I am still using them. I moved past the IC's however, I still think they are good and a great value. I use Shunyata  IC' now, which I prefer on my system.