Better cable substitue's for my system, for silver ic cables

Any suggestions for cable substitutes/upgrades to what I'm currently using!??? The last couple of weeks I've tried some Harmonic Pro Sillway MKII interconnects in my system (between source and preamp only!!), that made my system just about as neutral, clear and detailed as is humanly possible! (I think?) I was using copper cables by Harmonic, that sound pretty darn good on their own, but this cable made me realize there's more detail/clarity to be had! Only problemis this particular cable seems to be a bit bright in my system (other systems I've heard it work better in).
I've heard talk about some of these Cardas Golden Reference cables, Nordost Vallhala's, NRB(?) cables, and Acoustic Zen's...any one have any comments on any of these cables compared to the Harmonic silver cables????....I want to keep all the detail/transparancy, but loose the zip and sizzle!!!!...any suggestions??? I currently use Sonus Faber Electa Amators, Threshold T200 Class A amp, Pass Labs Aleph L preamp (passive/active), sometimes Tube preamp, and Harmonic Copper cables, with Various sources.
Thanks for any input/comparisons!!!...(I'm only looking for interconnects here!!)
Try the Stealth PGS. You describe them perfectly when you say you want the detail/transparency without the brightness.
You may want to try A.Q. Anaconda.They are very neutral and detailed.Was using diamond between phono and line but this new cable line is so much beter.Good luck and please feel free to e-mail me if you have any concerns.
Consider Pure Note. They are superior to the Valhalla, Acoustic Zen, Harmonic Tech. and the list goes on... No silver edge, very transparent and revealing.
The Bear Lab Silver Lightning interconnects should also be considered. I suggest you read the discussion that can be found on this site under cables.
I second the AQ Anaconda. In addition, you may want to try Wasatch Cable Works 205 series ICs (
I had a similar problem with my system. The HT Truthlink was very smooth but lacked the detail of the Silway-but the Silway was too bright along with PSS & AQ Python. I settled on Stealth FLR & upgraded to Stealth CWS. A huge difference between Stealth & the others. Stealth has all the detail without the harshness. My associated equipment while test driving all these cables was Pass Aleph P & 5 with a Meridian CD. I think Stealth is one of the best kept secrets right now, but this will not last long. Side note: I'm keeping the "P"
Cardas Golden Cross has a little added warmth than can be nice and is very revealing
I've had excellent luck with Mapleshade and Omega Mikro interconnects, replacing AQ Lapis/Diamond and Kimber KCAG throughout a tube-based (CJ mostly) system. The Mapleshades are a real bargain and available direct ( on a 30-day moneyback. Honestly, they transformed my system.