Better/best fullrange nearfield speakers?

What is the best or the better of few nearfield speakers you've heard?
To pepper this, i would like you to mention fullrange. Be it a monitor or be it a floorstander.
It's to prefer if you can sit as close as 2m/ 6 feet, with correct image.
Let's keep it between 5000-15000 USD/ Euro/ GBP.
What you like!

Speaker setup will be critical.  I think Devore Fidelity, Sonus faber and many other speakers could be fantastic.
You want to use a real good monitor speaker designed for nearfield use like the large british monitor the good american monitors were too big to gel at six feet away.
Despite their size, the (aptly named) Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams work extremely well in nearfield listening.  I sat three feet from them and never heard any of the drivers, just a huge, deep soundstage