Better/best fullrange nearfield speakers?

What is the best or the better of few nearfield speakers you've heard?
To pepper this, i would like you to mention fullrange. Be it a monitor or be it a floorstander.
It's to prefer if you can sit as close as 2m/ 6 feet, with correct image.
Let's keep it between 5000-15000 USD/ Euro/ GBP.
SoundLabs, for real. I sit about six feet from my M645s and they are great. You just need space behind them. 

My good friend has a pair of U745s. He is also sitting about 6 feet away. Amazing sound. 
In your budget I think you could swing a pair of M545s and sit near field. It’s important to size based on room volume however. 
Not sure it this is spot on but the Revel Ultima Studio IIs were amazing in near field.  That is how I demo'd them at the Harmon Store.  
True dat. The Altas beg for a quality amp.
It’s accounted for in powered sets.
AND you're: gonna get closer to the music with the studio nearfield monitors.
What you like!

Speaker setup will be critical.  I think Devore Fidelity, Sonus faber and many other speakers could be fantastic.
You want to use a real good monitor speaker designed for nearfield use like the large british monitor the good american monitors were too big to gel at six feet away.
Despite their size, the (aptly named) Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams work extremely well in nearfield listening.  I sat three feet from them and never heard any of the drivers, just a huge, deep soundstage
Also, these crazy field coil/AMT speakers from Wolf Von Langa called SONs I’m demoing right now. 15k euro, beautiful, very deep bass, wonderful in near field.
My Audio Note AN-J's are playing in the nearfield now and sound amazing and pretty full range.
don't know what is best for you

also not sure if really mean full range... like nearfield response to 20-30 hz?

that eliminates most nearfield monitors

an excellent one is powered atc scm10s or 20s - very accurate (if clinical) and bass goes deep
Monitor Audio Silver and Dynaudio Evoke 20 worked magic for me. 10 feet apart, 6-7 feet from the listener.  I liked Totem too, and I am sure there are at least 15 other great brands in the category
I used to listen to A1s with trl gt 400 triode tube amp set up. tried neer field, giant head phone  style at times. prefer more distance. dog did too.👍now enjoying updated klipsch jubilee, deqx, and near field is the same as 15'. much more dynamic. maybe slightly less butterfly wing sensitivity, but better imho day to day. head phones will be the best if you're looking for ultimate near field. 
Strictly speaking and assuming your room is small, "full-range (i.e. 30-+20kHz), near-field" monitors for listening @ 2m do not exist.

The Dutch&Dutch & Genelecs mentioned above by @djones51 come very close. To these I would add the Neumann 420.
I like many of the speakers mentioned above and probably so would you, but they don’t cover the full-range nearfiled (2m) spec! (IMO, etc)
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Rogers LS3/5A - A classic design and still highly coveted worldwide! Now typically selling for around $2K+. I was lucky and got mine for $960!
Actually i would like a speaker that drop off at 35-40hz as 40-45Hz only trigger nodes. I have 4 huge bass absorbers in here now as i listen alot to electronic music. My speakers are Barefoot Sound Micromain 27.
Dual 10 inch, dual 5.25 mid drivers per chassis. I tune my absorbers with sweeps from 20-110Hz so i know i have bass way down low at 25Hz.
Anyway, bass reflex isn’t really ideal. I think for boxes i like transmission line the best. I also tried a PARC to filter off nodes, but acoustical treatments are the way to go. Not digital!
Strictly speaking and assuming your room is small, "full-range (i.e. 30-+20kHz), near-field" monitors for listening @ 2m do not exist.

somebody here gets it... 
(5.2 meter) * 3.85 meter =20.02 m2

Doesn’t exist? Barefoot Sound MM27 sure works splendid.

Many years ago i used PMC IB2 and Krell FPB 600C and KPS 25sc, aswell as Teac P-70 and D-70.
However, that room was larger and allowed another positioning. So i have no idea if those PMC monitors would handle such cramped positioning as these MM27.

I have heard typically side loaded speakers with too high crossover (bass to mid). It sounds bad.
I think bass drivers should be at 80-100Hz when side loaded, otherwise it doesn't sound homogenic.
I could imagine a closed tweeter and mid section and dipole bass.
DNA had a speaker like that, i really liked it and it allowed close range listening with a superb bass response.
However, Donalds speakers disappeared a bit too quick sadly.
The only options I know are active monitors. Dutch and Dutch will get below 30hz in a small room are pretty flat from 100hz > 20khz forget about crossovers in these modern actives they're controlled by DSP. The Genelec 8351b will compete with the D&D , little wider dispersion great off axis, cartoid design, will sound about the same to about 30° just little less SPL. Another you might consider though I've never heard them are the larger Genelec 8361. 
Sadly Genelecs new 8361 looks so awful i can't stand it.
Not to happy of speakers controlled by DSP either.
The latest gen 2 of Micromain 27 has a steep price compared to the gen 1 + i'd like a more vivid airy bass. TM is perhaps the most appealing to me. Looks like it's still PMC IB2 that holds the crown!?
Active speakers has one thing i like, i can't fiddle with amp and cable upgrades. 
I thank you all for your inputs :-)
Audio Physic 35 Tempo Plus. Perfect for everything you asked for. Price, sound, imaging, and made in Germany. I just saw the wood veneer model in the store I shop.
this is the speaker for you and the image unbelievably. 
I hope this helps. 

Most manufacturers offer speaker lines broken into quality and then room size so there may be 3 or 4 speakers in a line that only differ in bass output. Near field can be accommodated with toe in or distance between speakers relative to the listening chair. Focal,if you like their sound say on the website what size room a specific speaker is designed for. It would be cool if more manufacturers did that. Not advocating for focal, just saying.
Hey Steve59

i took a look at focals web sight. No larger drivers than 7 inch.
Hm.... some old speakers that sure made me smile were DNA Sequence
(Donald North Audio). These worked (strangely) in near field.
It seems they never took off though. Perhaps they looked to weird or had a too steep price. I think they were about 20K USD with an active amp for the dipole bass. 
I am not a big fan of bass reflex, but on the other hand, a close design like mine, can feel overdamped when it comes to certain music.

Let's keep it between 5000-15000 USD/ Euro/ GBP

People continue to believe the fallacy 
~~The more money you throw at a speaker, the better it will sound~~~~
This is a false dictum, a  delusional methodology.
I know of a  Class A /FR sound just under $2k. 
Why spend $5k, where you might get less??