Better amps SS PASS XA200 or EDGE Signature.

Anyone heard the Pass XA200/XA160 or Edge Signature and NL12
witch better Amps SS?
Compatibilies with CAT SL1 tube preamp?
Better used with SS preamp EDGE S1 or PASS X0.2?

System: CAT SL1 Ultimate, AA capitole, Aerial 20T speakers,
Cardas golden reference interconnects and speakers cables.

Less-likely Pass will do a good job with tube preamp.
Edge amps are not a bottom line and I believe theyre over-over-priced.
The alternate list follows:
Plinius SA250 or SA100(can go much higher than 100W/ch read reviews and/or specs).
GamuT D200.
Look at the technology. I've had both Aleph and X series amps from Pass. If the XA does anything like it is designed to do, nothing will come close. The Edge is a nice amp that errs on the soft side. Other than the lazer biasing (which is another "cool running" amp idea, like Krell's plataeu biasing and Levinson's set up. The Pass is very simple and straight You just can't foll the laws of physics. Read the owner's manual for the now discontinued Pass Aleph line.then read the manual for an X series amp...then the same for the XA. It will sell you. It is the best explanation of solid state I have ever heard. Good luck. Sean