Better amplification for Thiel CS 1.5

A friend of mine sold me some Thiel CS 1.5 speakers earlier this summer (quite an improvement over my Infinity Reference speakers), and has started me down the audiophile path. I am currently running them with a Kenwood VR-407 5.1 receiver (5 X 100 w/ch @ 8 ohms), but I know these speakers can produce a better sound. I don't have very much money. Any recomendations would be welcome (I'd like to get Krell, Classe, or Rotel).
If your looking for an integrated amp, I would look for a used Classe. They mate well with Thiels and can be had used for about $1000. The more power the better with Thiels.
That is the direction I am leaning towards, the Thiels are 4 ohm speakers and handle 150 watts. I have been doing some research and it sounds like they can handle more than 150 watts. If I get too much power for them, am I in danger of damaging my speakers?
I use to own a pair of 1.5's. I originally set them up with a classe CAP-80 (100 watts integrated amp) I also used MIT cables which are recommended with Thiels. Back then I had an old Theta Data Basic transport with a Classe DAC-1. That was my first high end system and it sounded great!

In retrospect I'd probably use a Classe 201 and try to find something like an Audio Research LS-15 (Tube pre-amp) I believe this combo would give you some great sound from your Thiels, and at a very reasonable price.
I'll have to do some research, thanks for the leads.
Hi Jakeb3

I agree with Glen above, I had a pair of Thiel 1.5's and I used an ARC PS15 pre-amp along with the ARC D-130 and they performed very well. What you do have to be careful of however, is your CD player. These speakers will reveal everything so be very careful of you selection here. A good tube unit may be a good decision.


I've heard the CS1.5's absolutely SING when driven by a Creek
5350SE integrated. Check past threads for more comments. New
is $1500 or roughly 1/2 that used.
I strongly suggest you keep in mind that the Thiel 1.5's drop to 3 Ohms. Amplify accordingly.
My friend that sold me the Thiels said he had really good luck mating them with a Hafler Trans-Nova amp., it is made for the studio or low watt road gigs (and not too expensive at all). He said that he also had used a Bryston amp to drive it. He thought that I should look into Hafler, Crest, and Crown. The search continues...

Thiels like haute cuisine not fast food.
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Walker6string makes an interesting point. I have had problems in the past blowing the tweeters in my Thiels while playing them at high volumes for long periods. Luckly Thiel is customer friendly, offers a great warranty package (10 years) and will have a new replacment driver or tweeter at your door step in two to three days.

Also the setting up of those little guys is crucial (As mentioned above). You need to keep them off the back walls (At least 3') if possible. And try to fire them straight on not towed in or out.
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I don't know what has happened to my thread, I was in Chicago last weekend for a friends wedding. I am just a newbie trying to get some information. If you don't have anything constructive to say just keep it to yourself. It is people like you (and you know who you are) that make it hard for people with little to no experience to even ask a question.

p.s. I noticed that all of the Hafler amps listed on Audiogon are now sold, how bad can they be? The ones that I was looking at did not use cooling fans they either used convection cooling or heat sinks.
jake I heard Thiel, Stratos combination, match made in
heaven,It was the CS6 and the Oddysey extreme stratos.
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This is what I was talking about. It just might be the ticket and the price is good.
What's your budget?
One word: Krell

I have been looking at Odyssey, nice gear.


I did see that one, I look at the classifieds several times per day. I love to drool. That one does look close to my price range.


Currently I do not have a budget. I am purely doing some research. After the research, I will begin auditioning some equiptment. I will be getting a couple hundred bucks soon that I can save towards a purchase. I am probably going for the best pairing, over a quick fix. Although it would be nice to have something soon. Ultimately I am trying to satisfy my ears, and my soul. I guess I am looking for past pairings that have brought out the detail that these speakers are capable of. I love to drool, but I must be realistic also. I have Halcro taste on a Kenwood budget. I am willing to save if the investment is really worth it.

Ok then. I'd suggest the Pass X150 or Krell KMA 160B's.
when my speakers are mating with my krell amp they make funny squeaky noises. I don't know if this is normal but it kinda makes me feel funny like when I used to climb the rope in gym class.
Have you considered the Omega Po&Pe? I've heard that the mating is pretty good there. For Thiels (which are right up there with Pioneer and Kenwood) you might also consider the Kwality 208st. Great sound.......budget price. nuche!
I have the 1.5's and have good sound with an Arcam Alpha 9 Int. amp. They compliment the 1.5's with rich, warm yet detailed sound. They do not play that loud and the amp shuts down if it works hard.