Better adapter for portable CD players?

Hi everyone, I need a bit of help here. I just bought the 1/8" mini plug "Y" adapter from Radio Shack that goes from a portable CD player to stereo rca plugs. I would prefer to try an adapter that allows me to use my own choice of rca interconnects. Is there such a thing, and if there is , where can I get one. I need to play an occasional CD-R, and my Sony 9000ES won't cooperate.Thanks in advance. Martin
dunno, but music-direct used to sell a decent mini-plug-to-rca's i/c, made by audioquest, i tink... i got one for my 1st cd player - a panasonic slp1a portable... sells the staightwire in lenghts of .5 and 1.0 meter mini to rca (20-25$)and are better than the radioshack stuff. They may be able to make longer lengths- give them a call.
Twisted Pair Design sells one. It is called the "Game Junkie". I use one on my portable cd player to my headroom Little and it was a signficant upgrade.
Thanks to all.I would still appreciate any other suggestions. Sedond, I tried Music-direct but could only find CD's etc., and not cables. Sm121,can you recommend a dealer who carries the Twisted Pair design? Pfront, I'l check out headroom. com later.
music-direct sells quite a bit of hardware; i'd email 'em or call 'em... perhaps some cable mfr's would also be worth contacting.

good luck, doug s.

If I understood your question correctly, Radio Shack also sells a plug which goes from the stereo mini plug to 2 female jacks, which would let you use any cables you want. I use this on my portable cd player and it works fine.
Thanks Joe, That's my first choice. I thought they might, but their saleman assured me they didn't. I will check again. Since I have some good interconnects sitting around, I thought it might be worth a try. If that doesn't show some improvement over their other adapter, I'll look further into the other most excellent suggestions.
woodn't it be better to yust have one i/c between cd-player & preamp? having two i/c's yust introduces another break in the wiring, w/another set of rca's, & how good can the rat-shack interface really be? i tink i'd rather have only one medium-quality cable between my electronics than 1 mediocre cable & one hi-quality cable...

yust my opinion, doug s.

Hi everyone, many thanks for your helpful responses.I went back to the Shack and found the 1/8 to rca adapter (thanks again Joe). I plugged a pair of Harmonic Technology Truthlinks in, just to see how much of a difference there would be when compared to the $5 adapter with rca terminations. Well...the Truthlinks do give a smoother, bigger, and less grainy sound, but given the source, it is not that big a difference. If I planned to play lots of CD-R I would keep the adapter with the Truthlinks, but for an occasional listen, the other adapter is just fine. Maybe I'llI will look into finding a decent under $50 set of interconnects at Audiogon, and use the 1/8 to rca adapter. I can't afford to tie up a $200 pair of interconnects for an El Cheapo portable CD player. As a Sony DVD9000ES owner it was a relief to know that I can inexpensively get CD/R and CD/RW playback by purchasing an inexpensive portable CD player. My toal cost is under $35. I got the Sony portable at a Sony Discount center at an outlet center in Woodbury Common, N.Y. They sell many discontinued or refurbished units at around 70% off original prices. Just thought to pass that along for anyone in the area. I'm not sure if they would make shipping arrangements, but you can always call and ask. I will post their phone number when I find the damn receipt . As I write I'm listening to the portable through the Truthlinks, and it's sounding better to me by the minute, I guess that with having them up in my closet for 6 months they needed a few minutes to "warm up", now I'll have to think this over! Thanks again. Martin