Better 2 channel Pre or processor?

I have just aquired a pair of B&W signature 805's. These are used for 2 channel and mains for ht. Processor is B&K Ref 30 and my amp is a BAT VK-200. To improve the 2 channel would I be better off getting a higher end processor such as Aragon or should I add a pre-amp (tubed or ss) in the mix? I don't have enough room to have a seperate 2 channel system. when I demoed the Signatures at the store, they were being driven by a BAT integrated and it sounded wonderful. I realize that I will have dificulty reaching that level because of space constraints, but I know it can get a lot better.
I would add a two channel pre, thats what I did (passive in my case) as your pre/pro is as good as any other in its class. I would think a pre/pro upgrade to the next level would cost more and there are only a couple at that level anyway.
I'm using a Primare P30 pre/pro in my 2-channel system. I've compared the P30 side-by-side in my home with the Ayre k3-x and Placette Active Linestage and a few lesser tube preamps. Neither the Ayre nor Placette are slouches in reputations and reviews.

Although the Ayre and Placette had some nice characteristics, it was a surprisingly easy decision for me to keep the P30 for it's overall 2-channel performance and presentation.

Besides, owning the P30 pre/pro confounds the conventional-wisdom of those who think a 2-channel preamp is automatically musically superior.

Primare is a little known Swedish company with a music first approach. The P30 retails for $3500 to $4000 and offers true 100% analog processing in by-pass mode.

I went from a lexicon pre/pro to a sonic frontiers pre and really liked the change. go for a new pre, and get one with ht pass through so you can integrate your ht and 2 channel listening. a tube pre might be a good idea, as i've HEARD bat ss amps can sound a little harsh with traditional (cone) speakers.