Better 2 channel music performance via upgrade?

I have the following HT system:
Rotel RSP-1068 processor
Rotel RMB 1095 5 channel amplifier
Oppo BDP 83SE blu-ray player
Cambridge Stream Magic 6 V1 network audio player
B&W 805S L/R 
B&W HTC 7 center 
B&W in-wall surrounds
Dynaudio Sub
Parasound Zamp - for Zone 2 outdoor speakers

Prior to installing HT, I was a pure two channel audiophile with Classe amp/preamp, CAL Audio CD player and a pair of Avalon Avatar speakers.  I so desperately miss the musicality of that system and want to try to get it back without completely ripping apart what I have.  I am considering a Parasound Halo Integrated amp with HT bypass to use for music playback and to run the main L/R speakers when watching TV or BluRay (rarely do we watch BluRay or DVD movies).  Any thoughts or experiences with the Parasound integrated amp used this way would be appreciated.  The audio press fawns over this amp and I'm just wondering if anyone has real world experience with it.
Oppo BDP 83SE blu-ray player is 2-3 generations old and progress in DACs is ongoing, so....

John Curl is a very highly regarded designer, hence the accolades for the Parasound - and maybe the audio press even listens to it too...

Plus, one generally wants to upgrade transducers long before the electronics.  Now, about those speakers...
I have the Parasound P7 and had the A23's.

The A23's were very quiet, powerful, neutral in a modern sense. If anything, slightly warm. Quite pleasant. Class A up to around 20 Watts or something, circuits _derived_ from work JC did in other models for Parasound, which is also true for the integrated.

I can't imagine you being unhappy with it.

Another Parasound-centric approach might be the JC2 however, and using it to drive a pair of audiophile amps like the A23. I have not heard the JC2.


You can do waaaay better!!!! Put some effort into it!!  Anyone can buy a Parasound from Audio Advisor.......Get a Tube pre from Modwright or Dehavilland or Manley labs!  Live a little!!! one of these will inject your system with feeling you never thought possible. If you like returning stuff for repair ...get a John Curl special!

Matt M
Try a DAC first.
Your amp is nice and your speakers are great.  The Oppo is a great transport and theater unit.  A new oppo will improve sound.
I have 3 JC 1 monoblocks, a JC 2 BP preamp, a JC 3 phono stage, and 2 A 23 amps that have proven reliable.

I think the JC 1 monoblocks are Class A to something like 20 watts in high bias mode -- I use low bias for cooler running, so I doubt the A 23 runs in Class A to anything like 20 watts.  I think the JC 1 runs in Class A with low bias to 10 watts.

Oppo models that end in 5, e.g. 95, 105, seem to be the ones with the better analog sections.  I suspect a used 105 would bring back some of the sound you seek, and running it through the Halo Integrated bypass almost certainly would.