Beth Orton's "Trailor Park" ain't too bad

'nuf said.
I concur, I have a few of her cd's they are pretty good, she has certain sense of desperation in her voice that is enchanting from time to time.
I am a big fan of her and my personal favorite album is Central Reservation. Also her most recent album which is Daybreaker is a fine album. Beth Orton's voice has a magic to it and more people should know her.
I happened to be spinning "Central Reservation" when I came across this post. She's fantastic!
I find her music compositions and arrangements are better than "ain't too bad." (The last cut on "Daybreaker: is something else.) However, her thin and dry voice is what grates on me over a period of time. Kind of like the sound of sanding with 600 grit sandpaper.