Bet You Did Not Know Saturday is Record Store Day

Yes, full details in the New York Times. Also a list of where you will want to go when you come to New York City
there's a similar article in the Washington Post
The web site (mentioned in the Times article) appears to be infected with a virus. My AV program detects the site trying to deliver the HTML/Rce.Gen Trojan with the home page.
Oh yeah? I knew a week ago and right now I'm on the web making a list while waiting for my local store to open. Four live bands and 20% off everything at Streetlight in Santa Cruz.
went out and supported my local vinyl shop. surprising in shreveport, la, we have a used vinyl store that has close to 100,000 records. granted many of them are lawrence welk, but i have been able to fill a lot of gaps in my collection. I purchased 15 lp's today including the white album, several tim weisburg, three jefferson airplance (one original pressing), two return to forever, etc. you can't get them for 50 cents but good quality vinyl at a reasonable cost(3 to 5 dollars) per lp. i also get a great deal when i trade in some of the dogs from the thrifts or garage sales for albums i actually want.