Best Zeppelin LP recordings...

Are the best lp's for Zep the ones with the Plum labels? if so where can i get them, ive seen a few on ebay..but usually need paypal...and not a fan of paypal anywhere else?. BTW, i have the classic records reissue 200g, and like them, but im told the original pressings plum albums are FAR superior
since none of the zepplin albums are spectacular(in a purist audiophile sense), you may be disappointed to find the original pressings are nothing to write home about either. the music on the lp's however is 'lightning in a bottle'. the entire catalogue is in the midst of being re-worked by page and warner music....for those who think the original recordings need to be updated.
really jaybo?
have you had a chance to hear the plum label vs regular label vs classig records reissu for example? i told there are signifigantt differences in quality
i have been a yardbirds, zep fan since 1966..I have multiple copies of all the albums(at least 5 of each.a few still sealed.....pressings from the uk, japan, u.s.,etc. cd's as well....and 45's. if the new tracks on the remastered mothership are a sample of whats to come, the upcoming releases should sound pretty darn good in comparison with 'anything' to date.
There has recently been quite a flow of Zep and Who 200g Classic releases. Any insights into the sonics of these? Apart from sonics, has Classic resolved the extensive QA problems it was having with surface noise? At $31 a pop I'm not taking any more chances on Classic.
Zeps 1, 2, 3, and In Through The Out Door are the best of the Classic bunch. Houses is OK, 4 is dismal (dry and lifeless) and Graffiti and Presence are so-so (I know, I have them all, a blessing and a curse!).

My original Altantic 1969 copy of 2 still rocks the house and I had a very rudimentary set up back then; can you say spherical sapphire ceramic/piezo cartridge tracking at 5 grams on a five inch idler wheel platter?! Oh the humanity!
the very best Led Zepplin Lp's are the Classic 45rpm reissue box set. i also have all the 33rpm Classic reissues and various other pressings.

nothing comes close to the 45's. they are bigger, bolder, have blacker backgrounds, much more depth and sense of scale, more alive and immediate, and bass slam and dynamics to die for.

the 45's are more something to be experienced and to dwell in, as oppossed to listen to.

unfortunately; there were only 250 of the box sets made and they now sell for around $4k to $5k each (the last couple i have seen advertised). if you love their music it is worth it if you have a quality tt that plays 45's at a high level.
the song remains the same recent re-release by stan ricker is a huge disappointment. it sounds awful. flat, lifeless, no bottom end, smeary, terrible definition.
the classics are a hit and miss. presence has terrible sibbilance (sp?), physical graffiti is much like the song remains the same. the first 3 are ok, the 4th not quite as good. none of them outstanding. i recently got a german pressing of presence and it is much better than any of the claassics.
I have a copy of Presence with the picture of Icarus falling from the sky on the label. The sound is beautiful and powerful. The drums are particularly "present"; like a steam engine pumping at full velocity. When I want to show off my system, this is one of the albums I play.
still no one with actual experiences specifically comparing plum label first pressings vs classic records 200g? this is all im looking for, and a location where to purchase.
"The entire catalogue is in the midst of being re-worked by page and warner music....for those who think the original recordings need to be updated."

Jaybo-is this information true? I would like to read more about this, if you can post a link that would be great.
Never heard the plum label versions...
ok i just compared(even though I hate to play the rare copies) an original uk version of LZ2(plum), with an original u.s., and the classic records re-issue....side one on each. the classic has pops and ticks, but overall sounds beefier, but a little exagerated in the upper bass. the plum and the us version, pretty much sound identical.....warner is working on the entire library with page.