Best yo to pack and ship Oppo DVD player

I am thinking of selling my Oppo BDP-105. I no longer have the box. Looking for the best way to box and ship.



I would purchase a box that the player will fit in and get a roll of bubble wrap and go around it like 3 times.  Tape the ends shut like a Christmas present, put in box and ship by UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.  The player is not very heavy, maybe 20 pounds.  It will arrive safe.

Insurance, and a later insurance claim requires double boxing.

If you box and buy the insurance, you can keep the cost lower for buyers, however, because you paid for the insurance, any claim must be dealt with by you. It takes time, not always successful.

a way to transfer the cost and responsibility to the buyer:

1. measure and weigh the unit unboxed.

2. find local UPS that ’packs and ships’. (they all do not).

3. In your ad, give size/weight/UPS tel. # to the potential buyers.

4. They get cost quote from UPS, they pay UPS themselves, all falls on UPS/Buyer.

5. you drop unpackaged item at the UPS office in their name.


I have bought two things and made my own arrangements with UPS this year. Shipping costs more, but I got a great deal from two ’local pickup only’ sellers, and UPS packs them properly because they are responsible for any damage.

btw, McIntosh will sell you a set of OEM double boxes for their units, mail empty to you, then you can safely ship the heavy beasts and the buyer gets OEM boxes, a nice selling inducement.

I've been to the factory in Binghamton (amazing, huge), had them check my MC2250 and C28 prior to me selling/shipping them on ebay. they mistakenly tossed my old dirty boxes. They made new boxes while I waited. 

Other makers might do this also.