Best XM Radio Receiver sub 500

I am looking for a good XM radio receiver (just a radio receiver) it needn't have an integrated amp built in
any suggestions?
The only home XM tuner (one of the new digital satellite radio bands) I've seen in the Sony model (DRN-XM01H) which lists for $299.

Actually, I'm listening to Channel 42 "XM Liquid Metal" right now at work. Pretty cool. I was hoping at least three heavy metal stations, so I could flip back and forth. But I'll take having one, and not having to rely on late-night college radio to play my favorites.

Take a look at the channel selections, here:

I'd like to know how the sound quality of these digital broadcasts compare to analog FM or AM. I haven't seen the specs for Sirius or XM (the two formats). It's sounds good enough on my Altec Lansing speakers on my work PC (doesn't say much, though). :-/

But to get back on topic. Th only XM tuner I've seen _at all_, was the sub $300 (list) XM tuner from Sony. But it would look ridiculous on my home audio rack next to all those tank-like metal chassis. Maybe MD will make a XM tuner? LOL
I have seen tuners at Crutchfield. They have the sony and a pioneer, I think. I have listened to Alpine, Sony and Pioneer in demos from XM radio (the van showed up in my neighborhood) but all were through headphones and it was a bad environment to compare, and all were car models. Good luck. I have another post on XM radio and am seeking info from anyone with knowledge of how good a service this is.
I, too, have seen the car tuners, but was wondering if something other than the one sony existed for home use.

Though I may pick up a car tuner, if the selection of tunes and the sound quality is CD, or better. It wouldn't need to be audiophile-standard, as I'd never appreciate it in a noisy environment such as my mustang or my truck. :-(