Best XLR for EAD 8800

I've been able to eliminate an annoying hum in my HT system's L/R channels by substituting a cheap pair of XLR IC's for my Kimber Select 1020 RCA's. To be honest, I haven't noticed enough of a difference to warrant the price difference. The XLR's are on loan, and I'll need to replace them with a 1.5 or 2m pair.

Is there a brand of XLR's that you're using with your EAD processor that you feel really makes a difference, and that you'd recommend? My amp is an EAD 2000.

I am using Cardas cables on my 8800 pro with great results. I use Golden Ref. for the front L&R and Cross for the rest.
My amps (Ayer) sound much better run balanced, don't know about your amp.
Sorry this is so long, but maybe you will find it useful.

I own a TheaterMaster 8800Pro, with a DVDMaster 8000Pro and Sony DSS satellite acting as sources and a Sim Audio Titan amp. I also use a VAC Renaissance tube preamp, with the TheaterMaster and an Audiomeca Mephisto 2X CD player acting as sources to the preamp (the VAC has a Cinema bypass input). I run all-balanced cabling throughout (except for the digital connections, of course), as the fully-balanced designs of the Audiomeca player, VAC tube preamp and Sim amp encourages. I even run a balanced cable from 8800Pro to my REL Stadium3 sub's LFE input.

I currently use the following balanced cables in various locations in the system:

-XLO Signature 2.1a
-Analysis Plus Copper Oval
-Shunyata Aries
-PSC R-50

I have had fun moving these cables around and listening to the differences. Synergistic Research Designers Ref's, ELCO SGI-999x, and Kimber Heros have all visited my system over time as well. Here is what I have observed in my system:

--The PSC's (made in Australia, and VERY rare in the US) are notably the best of the bunch that I have ever owned, but are quite expensive in comparison to the others (I got mine used on the 'goN). They are getting killed right now due to the exchange rate with the Aussie Dollar. Extreme detail retrieval and depth/width-of-stage on the order of Nordost Valhallas are their hallmark, though with a warmer, fuller presentation. They are a flat-yet-thin silver & copper ribbon design, kinda like an Elrod or Electraglide. I consider these my best cables, used for the critical pre-to-amp and cdp-to-pre connections.

--The Shunyatas are exceptionally well-rounded cables. They are dead-neutral, highly detailed, priced reasonably and are frequently available used. I think they rate very high in the bang-for-buck category. If you can't go the kilo-buck cable route in your '2nd' system, then I predict you would really like these. They seem to fit the EAD sonic character like a glove.

--The XLO Sig's are notably more fragile then the Shunyatas even though they are both technically 'unshielded' cables, due to the lack of any outer jacket. They seem more susceptable to surrounding interferences, but rearranging the cables away from any RFI sources usually fixes any issue. These are very nice, slightly warm and well-balanced, though I would say they are not the last word in detail.

-- The AP Copper Ovals are a real bargain, and perform exceedingly close to the XLO's, but for less $$$. They exhibit a smidge less detail and are a bit rolled-off, but that could be a very good thing in a HT system that tends towards brightness with some sources. I will always be an AP fan, and may investigate some of their higher-priced models. I feel the Copper Ovals would be MORE then acceptable for any connections you do not consider as 'mission-critical' such as the surrounds/rears amp inputs - even in a reference multi-channel rig.

That's my experience so far, but -as usual- YMMV....

Thanks guys. Bhouser-a special thanks for your well thought-out and detailed impressions. Very helpful. Now if I could only find the PSC's at a "reasonable" price. It will be fun to keep looking though.