best / worst album cover

i was looking at a bunch of creepy album covers from various artists & bands & several of them were down right scary.

whats's the worst or best(depending on point of veiw)album cover in your collection.

i have found 3 that are exotic to say the least.

1 cannibal corpse, vile.
2 rammstein, sehnsucht .
3 marilyn manson, smell's like children.

kinda makes ya wonder what theese guys are thinkin about when they design a cover.

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Strange cover indeed but Rammsteins Sehnsucht is one of the best progressive hard rock albums ever made Imo . My favorite was Brain Salad Surgery , elp and worst was anything by Wham.
King Crimson's first album certainly meets the description.
wasn't it a Dead Kennedy's album cover that had a close-up picture of a, uh, shall we say, bodily orifice?
I like "News of the World" by Queen. I have no idea how it relates to the album, though.

Sadly with the coming of CDs album cover art died a quick death.
Both the Beatles!White LP worst-Sgt.Pepers Best
brainwater, i love sehnsucht also, it has been a staple in my collection.

makes me wanna learn to speak german.
Boxer's - Below the Belt
Spectacular in its tastelessness.
Bigjoe warum kannst du Deutsch nicht sprechen?
Hafler trio "fuck" album.
the best /the whos whos next. the worst any cover of bretny spears.
I second the blue and red nasal passage and tonsils of King Crimson's debut album...artist had to be on acid!
hallo nrchy, kippe ich spreeche deutsches beacuse das ich meine jugend auf hifi vergeudete und harley's , denen, knows zwar, maybee eintagiger kranke deutsches wenig elrernen, haben einen schonen tag.

one of the most tasteless I ever saw was from my punk rock days in the early 80's Meatmen 'Blood Sausage'
"Smell the glove" by Spinal Tap. hahahahaha
Nigel Tufnel: It's like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black.