best WOOFER ???

pretty straight forward.

I've got to say one of the best I heard is the tannoy
10" RED.

Goes deeper than any other Tannoy, and seperates its self
from others by the hit/kick of bass drum with power at low

other great stereo woofers, volt 15", cabasse 21", focal audium 13". etc, ???
FOSTEX FW800 31.5IN Super woofer 1 of the best about for bass below 200hz. $3200 ea for new model just released march 14 2009. I would also nominate the fostex w400a-hr $2550 ea. Can be used up to 1800hz. Massive alnico mag advanced design. Dont know of a better 15in.
That Fostex FW800N would be great for tubes - I don't recall ever seeing a driver with a higher Vas.
What is best? The performance of a driver has so much to do with the cabinet and environment. That being said we did a 2 channel design for a client that installed two 18" infinite baffle subs in his room to augment his monitors. Pretty amazing realistic low level detail at the bottom end.
I am Waiting for the jl Audio owners to kick in, then again they probably are too busy trying to off load 'em,lol.

Johnk- a 31" cone?!. Wow................