Best wishes to Martin Glasband, a true Pioneer

Hi Martin. As you rest and heal know that you are thought of most warmly and wished a speedy recovery moving forward. I"ve just learned he's doing well post significant surgery in Portland,OR. I don't know if he's in OHSM or Emanual Medical Centre; just wish I could visit as he's been very helpful and I appreciate how his generous information moved me dramatically forward in achieving great sound.
(Martin is founder and President of "Equi=Tech" and a real pioneer in bringing exceptional "balanced power" into professional Recording Studios, major technical facilities -think NASA,the Navy and America's most well known Research Facilities; and home audio systems with the renowned "2Q" and "Son of Q" balanced power for audio-video systems. One of a handful of the biggest contributors to our wonderfully enjoyable hobby.)
It's heart warming to know the Military can bomb wedding parties and kill innocent people without having to deal with dirty a/c... When will Mr. Glasband be receiving the Nobel Prize?
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