Best wires for a ProAc SPK and ARC AMP

I recently bought ProAc Response 2.5 and Audio Research integreted amplifier CA 50. I'd like to know which wires would best fit between those components.

Wasatch Cable Works LC-550 or above (Ebony or Ultama). These wires are very cost effective for what you get...
I'm still getting used to my ARC amp with my ProAc RS2s, but the difference in sound between my new Kimber BiFocal XL cable and my old Tara wires was, er, "unsubtle." I had some serious reservations regarding spending slightly over $1K on speaker wire (got its used off a'gon!), but now I'm a believer.
My local dealer (Audio Outlet, yeah I know you guys don't much like Frank) let me hear the HT Magic Woofer and the Vt100mkII. At $1600 for 8ft pair, these cables are very special. If you feel the need, matching jumpers can be ordered. But they ain't cheap. Depending, you may consider the Magic Woofer for LF and Pro-8 for HF in shot-gun config. If you're on a budget (who ain't?) look at the HT Pro-9 biwire at $900 for 8ft. You lose some resolution and dymanics, but you'll be hardpressed to find a better value/match.
I have been running my Audio Research VT50 with my ProAc 1SC's using all HT cables (ProSilway-balanced and Pro-9 bi-wired). I have heard these cables with other amplifiers in my system and feel that they mate best with the VT50. My source in a Wadia 860x directly connected to the VT50. Have not heard the Magic yet, but if you can affford them you should certainly check them out. Good luck...
Going cheap, I recommend ARC's won i/c's and speaker cable. Really very good stuff. ARC says you have to spend $1000 per i/c to better it. I think this is true.
I'm having very good luck using pure silver sound quartet speaker cables with Proac 3.5 speakers and mono tube amps. They are very high quality combined with very good value. For more information check out their website at www.puresilversound or their reviews on audioreview.