Best Wireless Towers under 8K (US)

       I’m looking for a completely wireless solution for my living room. It’s a pretty large room 20 foot ceilings lots of glass. There’s no way I can wire the speakers under the floor. I recently read an article about the Dali Callisto 6C which looks like a great solution.  On more of a budget solution Harman Kardon Citation Towers might work. Any other recommendations? I’d prefer if they were Roon ready. And looks are kind of important.  I’d obviously like to keep it cheap but willing to shell out close to 8K if it’s worth it. Room correction might be a nice option too with all the glass. Any help would be great!

Uh, am I reading that right? Speaker cables are out, but ... room correction might be a nice option? 

    I know bang and Olufsen makes a whole line of wireless speakers that have room correction, and you can stream directly to them.  They’re just a little out of my price range. It’s not essential that there’s room correction but it would be nice. 
There are always going to be power cords.
 I guess I wasn’t clear.  I didn’t mean portable battery powered wireless, I meant just a power chord. I have outlets near where the speakers will go, I just can’t have any components and audio cables running across the floor. I just checked out the Dali Callisto 6C yesterday. That seems like a nice solution. Just not sure if there’s anything else out there near that price point to compare them to. 
I'd have thought that the obvious choice would be Dynaudio.  They make quite a range of this style of speaker now, at various price points.
Just checked out the Dynaudio. They look great. Will check with my dealer to see if I can hear some. Their penultimate lineup are going for about half price used so that might be a great option. Thanks for the heads up.