Best wireless headphones for flying

I have a pair of B&W's but they are heavy and make my head hurt after an hour or so.

Looking for something more compact and light in weight- but still good sound


The new Focal Bathys are pretty amazing, and comfortable/light to boot. They are also very pretty (visually), which doesn't hurt.

Sony Bluetooth Noise canceling.  I have worn them comfortably on a plane for 3 hours or more, but then again I have been told that I have a very fat head

Recently purchased a pair of B&O Beoplay HX headphones. Using the Bluetooth connection they sound, and look, wonderful to me. Very comfortable to wear and at $500, a real bargain IMHO. Recently tried them on a plane, the noise cancelling option works extremely well.

Not headphones, but for flying I used Shure IEM.  They have noise isolation due to their fit.  Headphones are too big to pack and carry.  

Focal Bathys - that's what I was thinking of. Mark Levinson also has noise-canceling headphones....