Best wireless headphones

I am looking into building a headphone system for my office which would incorporate my Mac (with DVD player), my cable TV, my DVR all together and use wireless headphones because I am always up and about but the room is really too small for any good speakers. Any ideas would be appreciated.
I tried a pair of Sennheiser wireless phones in a similar situation and gave up on them pretty quickly. The sound quality wasn't great but the thing that really made them unacceptable was that moving about in the room, even by a few feet, caused the signal to vary and create hiss or a drop in volume.

The phones could be tuned to the best frequency and position but that worked only if you then never moved from the position where you did the tuning.

I've been much happier with a very small pair of Acoustic Energy Aesprit 301 speakers that cost used about the same as the Sennheisers. They're mounted at ear level at the back corners of my computer desk and, while they're not nearly the equal of my main system, they're quite enjoyable in the small office space.