Best Wireless ear buds for SOUND..??!

What wireless ear buds SOUND best?
Dont care about touchless, or noise cancel, or phone really.

Ive tried latest Cambridge Audio...nope/
Tried Sennheiser....nope.

They are lifeless and just cant get loud enough.

What wireless ear buds can actually rock??
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Headphone tech is moving fast....and that means for earbuds as well.

Do you want truly wireless? Check out these brands: Sony, Jabra, or Pioneer.

You can get a nice pair under $250 (or well below) that will serve you well.

Do you mind sharing which ear buds you went with ????
Sony @ $169 or so.
they sound good, but still don’t quite get loud enough. Still better than the nes I tried. But my budget was $150 or so. Can spend $250+, but these are just for gym.

But, I’m comparing them to my Cardas A8s via an Audioquest Dragonfly, I’m spoiled...😉
I have Grado wired in ear phones and saw they just came out with wireless.   The Grados I have are wonderful...Haven't heard the wireless, but you can buy them on Amazon with a no cost return.