Best Wireless ear buds for SOUND..??!

What wireless ear buds SOUND best?
Dont care about touchless, or noise cancel, or phone really.

Ive tried latest Cambridge Audio...nope/
Tried Sennheiser....nope.

They are lifeless and just cant get loud enough.

What wireless ear buds can actually rock??
Some others you can look at:

TRN T300
Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro 
Alpha & Delta Dawn
Helm Audio 5.0

everyone I have tired sucks. That is the way it is. Use a cord I guess. 
I really like my E55 True Wireless Earbuds from RAYCON. A lot of well known artists use them and promote them, if that means anything.  Good luck!
They all suck, but of the ones I’ve tried, the ones that sucked the least were the Sony’s, the ones from Master & Dynamic, and the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2.

I went with the Sennheisers because they were the better piece of kit but the M&D ones sounded slightly better.

Some reviewers have said the Jabra ones sound good, they’re either deaf or lying.
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Headphone tech is moving fast....and that means for earbuds as well.

Do you want truly wireless? Check out these brands: Sony, Jabra, or Pioneer.

You can get a nice pair under $250 (or well below) that will serve you well.
Sony @ $169 or so.
they sound good, but still don’t quite get loud enough. Still better than the nes I tried. But my budget was $150 or so. Can spend $250+, but these are just for gym.

But, I’m comparing them to my Cardas A8s via an Audioquest Dragonfly, I’m spoiled...😉
I have Grado wired in ear phones and saw they just came out with wireless.   The Grados I have are wonderful...Haven't heard the wireless, but you can buy them on Amazon with a no cost return.
Check out Cleer Audio's Ally Plus,  Here's a good video review from the UK.  The Ally Plus II will be coming out soon so they're at a really good price.
The latest moondrop Sparks? I heard these has a Audiophile oriented sound signature. I I were you I'd get the  FiiO UTWS3 and Blon BL05S.
I’ve been pretty happy with Jabra Active Elite 75’s and highly recommend them if you will be wearing during workouts. They are sweat resistant and sound is excellent ( considering it is Bluetooth). Price was 179!

Give Cleer Audio's Ally Plus a try. They're being replaced by a more full featured version II so they're discounted at $99.  Check them out on Crutchfield, Amazon or at  They're pretty good and they come with 5 ear tips for different sized ear canals. If you don't like them, return em.
I currently have the Apple AirPod Pros and they’re pretty good for what they’re for.  I am also interested to upgrade to an improved sound quality.  Have recently seen ads for the Klipsch T5 II and the Status Between buds.  Has anyone experienced either of these first hand?
JVC gumy also makes a wireless one.

but the sound quality is not that good. if you want the best, the ones with with wire that goes in to your computer or iPad is better.
Yes it's true! 
- his Wife

I think they sound amazing!!
my husband is a true audiophile! :)
just like you guys...
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 Sony WF-1000XM,
Google Pixel Buds A-Series,
Apple AirPods Pro,
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2,
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I haven't heard wireless that is as good as the wired variety.  Sony is probably one of the best, but not good enough for me

I currently have the Apple AirPods Pro and they’re pretty good for what they’re for.  I am also interested to upgrade to an improved sound quality.

For sound quality it’s b&w pi7 or beoplay ex.. Sony 1000xm4 comes in third. The Sony beats them in noise canceling  

I’ve tried a LOT of TWS earbuds, and the best-sounding pair -- and the one I own -- is the AKG N400NC.

Pretty neutral. Excellent imaging. Solid soundstage for a bud. Tuned to the Harman curve.

Sony's are great -- if you LOVE bass and hate mids. A V-shaped nightmare, like all Sony wireless cans. I'm less than impressed with Sennheiser's TWS buds even though I own/have owned its wired, over-cans and enjoy them.

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