Best wire metal to bridge speaker binding posts

Have a set of Kef Model 4~2 Powered by Sunfire Sig with both current and voltage binding posts
Had a set of 2 runs per speaker (think this is called Shotgun Biwire?) "Monster Z2"
Have upgraded to a single run speaker cable Tara Labs The One.
Unable to find the original binding post, to tie the speaker sections together
Any sugestions on what to use? The posts are 1 3/4 apart and the opening is 3/16 radius

I was thinking on a solid gold or plated gold bar or pin
Try Cardas copper or Rhodium jumpers!

Good Luck!
Paul Messenger has an an article on p.16 of the June Stereophile that may be relevant to your search. He talks about Mini-Moncayos from Vertex AQ reducing mechanical vibrations while acting as jumpers. YMMV.
Hello 883dave,nice day for a ride! What about trying a piece of Tara The One as you use on your speakers?cardas,WBT,Walker, all make nice solid jumpers and just about every speaker co. will make you cable jumpers for a price. Partsconnexion has lots of good hookup wire and spkr wire by the ft . and priced a lot cheaper! Experiment, See what sounds best to you.Happy listening! Thanks,Alan
Personnaly I have always made jumpers of the same wire as the speaker wire from the amp. See if you dealer can get you 6-8 inches of the T.labs.