Best wire/cable for Raal tweeters?

I will be building some speakers shortly utilizing Raal tweeters and would like to ask for suggestions on what wire I should buy to hook them up in parallel with my Supravox drivers? I will probably only need about an 18" run so cost factor doesn't come into play.
The best is Siltech silver/gold. That's what RAAL uses to wind the transformer core if you upgrade your RAAL's to silver/gold tranny windings. Go with 4 runs of 24ga, 2 for + and 2 for -, and hand braid them. If you can't find Siltech silver/gold, Mundorf 24ga silver/gold is very good too.
Sorry for the late reply. Thanks I will look into buying your suggestion of the Siltech and also try your suggested braid method.
I have since discovered Duelund also sells hook up wire which I might try as well.