Best whole house surge protection?

I'm looking for info on how to protect my electronics, cable television systems, oomputer and the whole house from powersurges and lightening strikes without compromising the sound. Any help on how to accomplish this and what surge protectors to use would really be helpful.
Bill Gaw in Enjoy the Music comments on a system by Environmental Potentials that seems to filter hash from the applicances within the house and protects against surges.
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I just noticed this post, and it is incorrect. BrickWall, ZeroSurge, and Torus Power are licensees of SurgeX, not the other way around. SurgeX is the ONLY one with current 21st century 3-wire technology with ZERO Let-Through while the other 3 are only allowed to use mid-90's 2-wire technology that passes energy slowly to the neutral wire.
So, how much $$ to get whole house protection??

If I lived in Florida (T-storm capital of America, for sure!) I'd have one installed instantly. It should be part of the building code on new construction if it's inexpensive enough.

ZeroSurge is the ONLY licensee of the SurgeX patented and trade marked series-mode technology. BrickWall is just a rebranded ZeroSurge.

While SurgeX shows zero-let through, ZeroSurge shows minimal let through, due in part to the use of different rated components.

ZeroSurge makes and sells series-mode technology modules to Torus Power, and it is my understanding that they are the original '90's 2 wire design.
There are surge protectors, on stores such as radi shack, specially designed for theaters, electronics..etc