Best WayTo Remove Grills On Hales Rev 3?

a really sharp chisel, 3/4" or larger.
removing the grille is the easy part, putting it back on so that it looks like it was never off is next to impossible.

I took 1 grille cloth off one time, and had to order a new one... removing the cloth is hard on the seams....


but, if you're stubborn like me, follow the directions in the manual...

grab it at one top corner and pull...

it WILL move, eventually, get it all the way out, then grab the elastic band part (sewn into the cloth, the "Bead" part.)

begin pulling it out along the top, across the other corner, down both sides, then out of th egroove in the bottom.

THe important thing is, dont do it, it's so hard to get back in, the speakers are cool looking, but not pretty without them, and again, it's hard to get back and looking good.

the important thing to remember if you're stubborn is, pull starting at a corner, pull slowly and steadily, it will come, and don't get in a hurry.

Good luck...
When ready to put them back on use a credit card to reseat the "bead". Works like a charm.

Gold or, better yet, platinum cards work best, though the platinum does lean toward being a bit forward and presumptuous in its delivery.