Best Ways to ship Eggleston Rosa from NY To LA


I would like some suggestions on how to ship these
500lbs speakers from NY To LA. I have contacted
Yellow Frieght, Roadway, and Overnight. These
shippers cost 500-800 $$$...

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$500 is pretty fair for 1,000 pounds, not to mention, they probably dimensionalize due to size as well!

That is one reason I still have my Andras plus I do not have the crates. Check on air freight companies - they sometimes are cheaper.
Bax Global...(800) CALLBAX. I recently priced a pair of Floor Standers from NY to Calif and it was under $300 including residential delivery, insurance and COD service. Good Luck!
I agree with BAX.
Just to knock "Bax"-- My Montana's in their pressed wood crates;were jabbed by a fork lift tip.The weight of the 200 lbs contents pushed the wood back out,making it unnoticeable.The lift tip, only pushed the wood into the speaker;not the tip itself. I signed; my tough luck.--so they said. It gets so complicted trying to sue them.It brings to mind; the valet damaging your car,and hoping you don't notice till latter. Aren't shipping companies wonderfull? GOOD LUCK.
Consolidated Freight has shipped for me twice without incident. Their regular pricing is on the low side compared to other freight and I believe they have a flat rate up to 1500lbs. The person who took my order offered me a 50% discount, a deal that I think anyone can get just by asking. One problem is that CF will not insure "used household goods", so if you want insurance it must be provided by an outside carrier. I don't know what insurance options are for "new goods".

BTW, air freight was substantially higher than any ground freight.