Best way to wire Speakers from mc501 amps

I'm new to this hobby, I just bought a ca2300 pre and 2 mc501 amps. I cannot up grade my speakers for about a year and currently have linn 5140 speakers.

I do not understand how to wire them, which post do I connect them to on the amps and should I bi wire and if so how should I do it and what speaker wire should I get?. Thanks in advance for any help

I would find out what the OHM rating is for the Linn and connect it to the 2,4,or 8 ohm connection which ever is closest. As far as the Bi wire I would either use jumpers , shot gun them from the same connection on the C501 or call your Linn dealer for his recommendation.
Did you mean C2300 not a ca2300? The C2300 and the 501's should sound very good with just about speakers when you upgrade. But for now the Linns should come alive what did you replace?
Connect the red to the 4 Ohm tap, and black to black, and you're good to go!

I replaced Nakamichi PA1 and CA1. I did mean the c2300 and MC501s. I have the 2300 but the 501's are on back order, I should get them next week. The linn 5140's have a banana connector on the amp side and 2 black and 2 red on the speaker side. One speaker wire is 12 ft long and one is 8 ft. I would like to get new speaker wire, shorter but don't know what kind and if that configuration is the best. Also there seems no end to how much you can spend. I will upgrade speakers in a year, but for now I would like to keep it reasonable (under 1k) for the speaker wire. Also I will be putting the 501s on the floor. Looks like I should invest in amp stands. any idea about the right ones for mc501's
I would recommend you wait until you have new speakers before buying fancy cables. What you have now will work just fine with 5140s. If they are like Monster wire, just cut the 12' piece to 8'. Definitely run your speakers in passive mode.

You have made an incredible choice in amps. Save up plenty of money for speakers!

Please explane passive mode?

For amp stands, look into the component platforms by Steve Blinn designs. They're great and he will do custom sizes for you.