Best way to wipe off the dust cleaning the gear

Cleaning the turntable and the amplifiers with the vacuum tubes sticking out of panels is quite tedious and time consuming for me.
I have to be really careful navigating the wiping cloth around the delicate tubes and turnable components. I wonder if there are any tools or tricks that could be used to simplify this unavoidable and repeating procedure. 
If one can get sheep to mow a lawn, there's gotta be a way to get the critters in my place to earn their keep.
I have my amp on a few hours every day but that means it's powered off most of the time. I put a beautiful old silk scarf over it after the tubes cool down, which means it doesn't need to be dusted nearly as often. It looks good and slightly mysterious. More than once it's given me the chance to show off the amp after someone asks, "What's under the scarf?"
IIRC, Steve Deckert of Decware recommends a 2" (50 mm) soft natural bristle paint brush for his components. That and a Swiffer is what I use, works great.