Best way to use computer hard drive as server?

I need to use my computer hard drive as my music server. I am considering using either a wavelength audio ''brick'' or a Roland eridol ua101. Does anyone recommend one or the other?
Do yourself a favor and save more than a few dollars-
Check out Scott Nixon's USB Tube Dac. You may find yourself
putting a dust cover on your CD player.
I own a Brick and I absolutely love it..The best advice I could give is to find a way to listen to both, and then make a decision. At the end of the day, it is all system contingent anyway. I don't know alot about the Nixon DAC, I looked them, attractive price, but no response from Scott so I moved on. Both of these would be good options for you, the Brick being the higher end of the two. Everything about Wavelength has been perfect for me. From buying experience with Don Better, to support from Gordon. It is just amazing how supported I feel, and thats worth $$$.

I couldn't be happier with mine, and I balk at the idea of ever using a CD again. I can't get rid of my player actually.

Just to give you an idea of my system:

Macbook Laptop
Wavelength Brick
VTL5.5 Pre
Krell 2250 AMP
B&W 803's

I love my current combination, but I am considering going with a different speaker. Something a little more efficient, maybe a two way since my listening tastes have changed over the years. Not impressed with Bass anymore.

Anyway, hope this helps, and wish you luck.