Best way to spike Nautilus 802's

Ok all you Nautilus 802 owners out there I would like to know how you spiked your speakers to the floor. My 802’s are sitting on top of thick carpeting/padding on a concrete slab. The 802's come from the factory with rollers. I know there is a Sound Anchor stand available for the 802N, but thought I would check here first before I consider buying dedicated stands. Any advise from 802 owners who have spiked their speakers would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Dan
Contact B&W USA directly. E-Mail works. See website for address. They are near Boston.
Sugarbrie, Thanks for the tip - I sent email to [email protected] a couple of days ago, but have not heard anything back. That's why I posted here. Do you have a different email address?
I'm positive. I have the N801's with the spikes. I got them through my dealer. The N802 uses the same exact spikes. You rdealer may be trying to swindle you out of the spikes you are entitled to. Although the speakers do not come with it since B&W feels not everyone will use them, you are suppose to tell your dealer to order them for you if you do want them, free of charge. These are some seriously nice spikes!
Mike, Thanks for the input. I called another B&W Dealer here and they knew what they were doing because they took my serial numbers and told me I would have them before the new year. Now that's service and I didn't even buy the speakers there. I had an interesting email exchange with Bob at Sound Anchor. He says that by lifting the speaker off the floor about 6" is better than standard spiking. He says this allows the speaker to integrate better with the room. Don't know if that is true, but thought it was interesting.
at least you know now to get rid of tht other dealer, at least you should!