Best way to spike Nautilus 802's

Ok all you Nautilus 802 owners out there I would like to know how you spiked your speakers to the floor. My 802’s are sitting on top of thick carpeting/padding on a concrete slab. The 802's come from the factory with rollers. I know there is a Sound Anchor stand available for the 802N, but thought I would check here first before I consider buying dedicated stands. Any advise from 802 owners who have spiked their speakers would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Dan
you can get the optional B&W spikes for free, just ask your dealer for them. They are the nices spikes I've seen. The casters unscrew and are replaced by the spikes.
Thanks Mike, I was under the impression that B&W made spiking kits for their speakers too, but when I called the local dealer he told me they didn't. Don't know if it's true or not. Are you absolutely sure they make such a kit for the 802N?
Contact B&W USA directly. E-Mail works. See website for address. They are near Boston.