Best Way to Spend ~ $2000 for System Improvement

Hi fellow music lovers! I have about $2000 right now to improve my system. It can be for any component, but I'm thinking amplification first, power, pre, or integrated. SS or tube.

To begin, right now I have a Mccormack 0.5 Deluxe power amp with "A" revisions, an Eva 2 passive preamp, Metrum Octave v1 DAC, Dell laptop for music files. Sometimes I use a Teac H750 as a transport and GMA Pico Executive speakers. The room is small, about 14x18x10ft. I listen to about 50/50 rock and classical, mostly full orchestral. As far as just sound goes, I would like the bass to be "fast". No delay or overhang, not exaggerated, but detailed. Detail is important at any frequency, the more the better, but not at the expense of musicality. I realize at this price point, compromise is necessary, and treble would be the best place for that. No harshness allowed, but I'm in my later 50s now and don't hear treble like I once did.

I hope I've given enough info to get some good suggestions. I like the sound now, but think it could be better, maybe a slightly lower noise floor and a little more pace and rhythm while retaining it's sweetness and smoothness. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. BTW, if any existing question answers any part of this question, feel free to link it.
nyame your final sentence seems synonymous with McCormack gear not just the aforementioned preamp. Newer and older for that matter. The LD2 is a worthy contender in terms of sound and build quality. The volume controls are worth pointing out while the window for gush is still open. I should of went with that unit while I had a chance to. Theres no shortage of positive reviews adorning them but I was bitten that way in past circumstances, therefor hesitant. Having heard one after the fact I am still kicking my self a little bit.    
Get 2 1k Purist power cords used NOW!!!!!

Hello hello - I just up and decided to go tubes push/pull ZOTL from a highly recognized designer David Berning.

i got me one of his new designs called the ZOTL10 and his MicroZOTL 2.0 w/linear power supply.

I'll be a monkey's uncle if these two pieces are the bomb and a half. 

I happened to to already own some high efficiency speakers I shoved off to the side (why I'll never know) but yanked them out once the two little babies arrived.

I did hook the ZOTL10 (10 watts) up to a pair of Revel M-106 and was pleasantly surprised. Hooked up to the Super V's well now, holy crap. Absolutely blew me away. Immense power, imaging almost as though the musicians are in the room. 
I'm so blown away with both pieces I'm actually thinking of selling off my mega solid state system less my preamp and potentially say good by to big solid state amps and those ghastly expensive 4-way speakers that can't hold a candle to the single driver babies I had shoved off in the closet. 
My gosh I'd say buy one of those ZOTL10 and prepare to be blow away. 
You will need somewhat high efficiency speakers however. I think it lists for $2400 but who knows maybe some wheeling and dealing could get you a break but if you bought that sucker I don't think you'd ever look back. I know I haven't and it keeps getting better as it breaks in . David Berning is a magical guy with electronics. I believe is the only distributor out of DC. It's my recommendation in flying colors. They also make a ZOTL40 but it's much more money but compared to Favid Berning's top of line gear this is all chump change. His flagship amps are $75K but these new ones use the same history making circuit. The only one of its kind in this century to. Berning is a genius of all genius's. I heard when other electrical engineers try figuring out his circuit they just give up saying they don't understand anything about what he's doing its so advanced. All I can say is I am so so glad I'd heard of Mr. Berning otherwise I wouldn't have known to buy these amps. I think you will absolutely love them and they will change how you listen to music for the good for ever, so far it has mine. Good Luck and Happy Listening. Jwt