Best way to shotgun cables

I've got enough cable (10+2) in wall twisted pair wire to do a double run to my speakers. This will not be biwire, I have thiels and they have only one set of binding posts.

My question is this. Is it better to take the positive / negative lead inside each cable jacket and wire each to the +/- taps on the amp and speaker (like piggy back), or should I combine the leads in each cable jacket and run one extra thick cable to the + tap, and the other to the - tap.

I'm thinking there may be an advantage to the twist geometry in the jackets that i would be negating by keeping the wires parallel to eachother. On the other hand, there may be an advantage to being able to physically separate the positive and negative lead.

What does audiogon say?

Normal "shotgun" configuration is the twist the wires in the same jacket together. That's the way I've always seen it done. I have done this many times to great satisfaction. My current setup has it just this way.