Best way to ship to Korea ??

I have a heavy amp in a wooden crate that I want to ship to South Korea. Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced carrier that won't take 6 months to get there? Thanks.
Hmmm, never shipped something as heavy as that sounds. Kind of pricey no matter what you use if you want it to be quick. I sent small packages to Korea using Air Mail. Took less than a week to get there. Getting up in weight, 44 pounds Air Mail is $184. When you get up in weight there is also US mail Global Express which is 3 days max.... 44 pounds is $200.... 45 pounds and higher cannot be Air Mail and must be Global Express.
How big & heavy is it? Where is it shipped from? I have many options to suggest.
Hi Ysim, it is in a wooden crate about 125 pounds, 30 inches x 30 inches x 18 inches from Nashville TN to Seoul.

You should check on air cargo from Korean Air lines. Usually air cargo is loaded in with passenger luggage and gets treated very well. Air cargo is more economical than DHL or FedEx cargo services and gets out of the local airport almost as quick as the next group of vacationing passengers.
I thought it was much bigger & heavier. I suggest you to use UPS, FEDEX or DHL. In the shipping industry, this is considered a small package. Make sure to package it well, marked it "FRAGILE" & have a good detail documentation for customs clearance such as full description, quantity, value, country of origin & weight. UPS center has a form & air waybill. Go to for rate. Watch out for any other shipping agent who charges a few hidden charge. Any other questions, feel free to E-mail me. Good luck.