Best way to ship pair of Platinum Audio Speakers?

I'm about to list 7 Platinum Audio Speakers (3 Pairs, 1 Center speaker) and I'm looking for the safest way to ship them while not being cost prohibitive for myself or the buyer. I'm thinking the more compact speakers (Solos, Session, and center studio) can be shipped easily with double boxing with fedex, but I'm worried about the Quattros. I've read boxing them up and strapping them to a pallet is safest for taller speakers, but if anyone has any suggestions or advice, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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If you can find  big enough double corrugated boxes to ship the Quatros you can try regular ground shipping.  Just try to protect the edges and bottoms with polystyrene and bubble wrap.  what you could do is buy some water noodles (very cheap) and cut them to size or slit them down the middle so they fit over the edges of the speakers.  Are you looking to sell them as a home theater set up or in piece meal?  I just purchased a pair of Platinum Reference one's but they are 43 lbs ea and picked  them up locally which is always preferable but you do sort of limit yourself
Lacking the original boxes, I would ask Vandersteen to sell you some new ones. 
If that isn't in the cards, then use a double box method and separate the two with some peanuts.
Also, I have used Uship to ship a pair of 3a sigs. The prices are reasonable and the shippers seem to be quite reliable. These shippers are small owner operators who depend on shipping bulky/heavy items and often use their own vans or trailers, so your speakers won't be manhandled or dropped- Unlike Fedex or UPS.


Metman: That pool noodle idea is really good. I'm thinking wrap a speaker in plastic to protect the grille and piano finish, wrap with bubble wrap and put noodles on around top/bottom, put inside second box with corner pieces, like you said, and stuff with peanuts or more bubble wrap, for each one. Yes local pickup is definitely preferable.

Gdnrbob: Yeah unfortunately I don't have the original boxes for the quattros, only the solos. I'll check out Uship as well. Also read greyhound can handle some larger items, but like you said it would be good knowing the speakers were being handled by professional movers.

Thank you both for all the help! Much appreciated.